Joshua Harris: “I excommunicated myself from the church”

Last July, former pastor Joshua Harris announced having turned away from the Christian faith. Joshua Harris is recognized for his books against homosexuality. By the way, Harris had also regretted his Instagram account for writing his book and apologizing to the LGBT community.

Recently, former pastor Joshua Harris shared statements with Axios HBO on this controversial issue of his personal life linked to Christianity.

Harris noted:

If you do not live according to the teachings of the Bible, and you live in an unrepentant sin, then you must be expelled from the church.

He declared that as pastor of a church he would also excommunicate members of his church who are not living a life according to the Bible.

He also noted:

I got to the point of recognizing that I am not living according to this … And I kept other people at this level … I essentially excommunicated myself.

When Harris was asked about the “unrepentant sin” he was talking about, he offered examples, such as an unbiblical divorce, living a homosexual lifestyle or having an affair. He was then asked to see if he offered any answer about what his unrepentant sin was, but the former pastor did not want to give more details about this.

The former pastor now runs a clothing brand, and claims that he excommunicated himself before the church did. See also: Joshua Harris, the pastor who turned away from his faith.

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