Joshua Harris, the pastor who turned away from his faith

Recently we talked about the leader of the Christian Hillsong band, Marty Sampson, who had been told that he abandoned his faith, but then he clarified that he had not abandoned his faith, that he was only going through a moment of unanswered questions, such as: Why doesn’t God free the world from cancer? In addition to this news, the official announcement of the famous pastor and writer Joshua Harris, who gave up his faith in Jesus Christ, has also circulated on the networks.

Joshua Harris is known among Christians for his book “I said goodbye to love dating”. Harris had confronted gay pride with some authority, however, after announcing his divorce and his detachment from the Christian faith, he now provides support to the gay community by attending their marches.

Former pastor Harris, issued a post through his Instagram account where he is seen with a donut with the colors of gay pride and where he also leaves a statement:

Joshua Harris abandona la fe

Harris said:

This photo has caused a lot of speculation and I want to clear some things up. There has been a lot of inaccurate reporting and rumors that are frankly not true. ⁣

First, several media outlets have stated that I am holding a multi-colored cake. This is false. It is a multi-colored donut. I don’t necessarily recommend eating sugar-laden carbs but it was delicious. ⁣

Second, by wearing the shirt pictured here I was not endorsing everything the British Empire has done in its history. I was born in the United States and I am still upset about the whole taxation without representation thing. ⁣

I guess the big takeaway is that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the media. I also want to say that it was an amazing experience marching in the Vancouver Pride Parade.In the final sentence of the previous text, we clearly see Joshua Harris’s support for the LGBT community.

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  1. I pray that brother Harris, will just look back for a quick second, and know and remember, that it was the Lord , that has been carrying him though, these what was oh so difficult times. (Harris)

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