This praise caused Hong Kong to seek God in the midst of protests

The Hong Kong government approved very strong democratic reforms that caused the people to take to the streets. With these reforms, the government will extradite people to China only with suspicion.

The song that is the leader right now in the Hong Kong protests is Sing Hallelujah to the Lord, written by Linda Lee Stassen-Benjamin in 1974. The Christian inhabitants of that country have taken that song as an emblem for God to protect them in these difficult times. There have been violent events in the demonstrations in Hong Kong, as the military has frightened the population, but the singing of this praise has helped many people to remain calm. According to Timothy Lam, a religious leader: “It has a calming effect. The police had a lot of equipment, were very tense and were looking for people. The students sang this to show that they were peaceful”.

The repression that lived in Hong Kong is similar to that experienced in China, because the Christians of that country fear that the situation will gradually get worse and have to spread the Word of God in secrecy.

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