We will sing and praise Your might

Psalm 21 is another psalm written by David, a song where the king gives thanks to God for the victory. God gave multiple victories to David, to the people of Israel, in the same way, God has given us different victories also throughout our career in Christianity, and that is enough for us to give glory to God for His might.

The psalmist wrote:

Be thou exalted, Lord, in thine own strength: so will we sing and praise thy power.

Psalm 21:13

This verse is an incredible worship to God, as Clarke said: Be thou exalted O┬áJehovah – your creatures cannot exalt you”. It is like saying: “We are so small that no matter how much we worship and praise it is not enough, because You, oh beloved Lord, are so great and powerful, so Be thou exalted, O Jehovah in your power!”

“We will sing and praise thy power”: These words are a great determination from the psalmist David, that all the people of the Lord should express with songs to the Lord and praise Him, yes, praise Him for the powerful works that He has done in us.

Dear brother, has the Lord done any powerful work in you? If you really are in Christ, God has done a powerful work in you and it is that of salvation. But in addition to that most important work, day by day God works wonders with us, even by the simple act of breathing.

Let us praise God for His power, for the majestic things He does in our lives!

Praise God because His faithfulness is forever
We give praise to God because He is Holy

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