Watch this kid playing his first guitar solo in church

The world indoctrinates its own under a system of corruption and we often fall asleep not guiding our children to be true believers. The famous prince of preachers Charles Spurgeon said: “Begin to teach early, because children begin to sin early.” Therefore, it will always be of great value to see these children on the networks who are dedicated to the things of the Lord, such as singing or playing a musical instrument for example.

This boy plays his first guitar solo in a Baptist church and begins with the following words from the song “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be”: And there will be no more death, nor will there be any more crying, nor sorrow, nor will there be any more pain, because the first things happened. When I’m in that place, how beautiful the sky must be.”

The boy continued to play his guitar solo to which the entire audience applauded. We give glory to God for those parents who duly involve their children in the things of the Lord, well, let us remember that the day of the Lord is approaching and today’s entertainment can stain our children, but why not instruct them in what is good and profitable? We hope that this video can be useful to you and that you can share it with more people:

Pleasant View Baptist Church ~ How Beautiful Heaven Must Be ~ Cooper Massengale 1st church solo

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