Listen to the song “In Christ Alone” in Hebrew, Arabic and English

Without a doubt we can say that only in Christ we have peace, security and certainty. Christ is the only person who will never let us down, do you think so? Everyone around us can abandon us, but Christ will never do it, because, as the Scriptures say, “He has promised to be with us to the end.”

There is a Christian song whose lines speak exactly about this, it is called “In Christ Alone”, part of its lyrics say: “My hope is only in Christ, He is my light, my strength, my song… When I already I have no strength, here in the love of Christ I am”.

Hallelujah! Even fainted in an immense desert, there is Christ. When our feet sink, there is Christ. When the flames reach our head, there is Christ. He is our faithful companion. Let’s never faint believing that his help is gone, we can trust him.

Below we share the song “In Christ Alone” in the Hebrew, Arabic and English languages, hoping that it will be a great blessing for you:

Solamente en Cristo en hebreo, árabe e inglés

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