Listen to this a cappella version of “I have decided to follow Christ”

“I have decided to follow Christ” is a beautiful Christian hymn with a simply wonderful story behind it. The story tells that a man threatened by his life preferred Christ and not look back. And you, would you look back? How wonderful it is to follow Christ and sing at the top of our lungs that we do not turn back.

This beautiful Christian song has been covered by many Christian music singers, which makes the song a very valuable antiquity that does not stop playing. Simply put, “I Have Decided To Follow Christ” is one of those hymns that will be heard forever.

Today we share an a cappella interpretation of the group “Jehovah Shalom a Capella” where to the rhythm of the voice of 6 young people they offer us a brilliant interpretation of this hymn. Tell us in the comments what you think:

He decidido seguir a Cristo

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