God has abandoned us to our career, affirms Jesús Adrián Romero

“God has abandoned us to our responsibility” said the writer of “Mi Universo” through a reflective message that he uploaded to his YouTube channel, after pronouncing this sentence he said: “Let me explain this apparent heresy.”

The artist put the phrase “God has abandoned us” into context, citing what happened to Jesus in the Garden before the crucifixion when he said “Father, if you want, take this cup from me; but not my will, but the yours (Luke 22:42).” The artist said about this: “Luke tells us that Jesus seemed to have doubts about what he was going to have to live the next day.”

Did Jesus really have doubts about whether or not to bear the sin of humanity? It is very bold to think that Jesus really wanted the cup to pass from Him. Jesus knew what the will of the Father was, He knew that it was necessary to drink that cup of God’s wrath to bring salvation to humanity, so that, one day before , Jesus was not going to abandon all humanity for a desire against the will of God.

The artist also spoke of how God abandoned Jesus on the cross and in the same way he has abandoned us to our fate, saying that Jesus has already done his part and now it is up to us to do ours. What do you think of these words of Jesús Adrián Romero? Here is the full video:

Dios nos ha abandonado a nuestra carrera afirma Jesús Adrián Romero

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