This Hindi song worships Jesus

There is no language in which the name of Jesus is not exalted, no matter how strange or complex it may seem to us, every language will exalt His name! Today we want to share a song that exalts the name of Jesus in worship, in the Hindi language, the language of India.

It must be understood that India is characterized as a believing country, it is estimated that 99.69 of its inhabitants believe in something, in some deity, Hinduism being its predominant religion with more than 80 percent, followed by Islam with approximately 13 percent and then Christianity, with almost 3 percent.

That 3 percent is the one that is in charge of worshiping and exalting the name of the only true God, our Lord Jesus Christ, who is worshiped in the song that we share with you below. A 15-minute Christian song in Hindi that exalts the glory of Christ:

Canción en hindi que adora a Jesús

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