Watch this street performer sing “What a Beautiful name”

In many countries you can find different street performers, from jugglers and singers to impressive musicians. You can find them in the busiest avenues and their main purpose is to entertain passers-by and earn some money with tips.

But there is a type of street performers who, more than entertaining, seek to convey a different message and this is the case with @HarmonieLondon, where she delights people with beautiful praise accompanied by her piano. Did you ever see something like that?

In the video that we leave you at the end of this article, you can see her singing the song “What a Beautiful name” by the group Hillsong. Although the video is short, you can go through any of her social networks (her users appear in the video) and see her other videos. There are people who have even fallen to their knees hearing these beautiful praises:

Here we present this young woman singing the song “What a Beautiful name” in the streets with her piano.


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♬ original sound – harmonie london


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