Praise God because His faithfulness is forever

God’s faithfulness is great and magnificent. God is faithful, never fails and that is why we must worship Him, there is no other who we can trust, because there is only one God and He is in the heights of the heavens, our Almighty God.

We are more than blessed because His grace and power are manifested in each of His children, we can see this through His divine mercy.

He has never failed, why not praise Him if He is good all the time? We must give all glory to Him, praise and exaltation. Do not trust humans, because there is only one who maintains His faithfulness and never fails. Sometimes we despair and fail God because we ask for something and see that it never comes, but despite all our failures God continues in the midst of the purpose to give us what He promised, because His faithfulness is immense.

For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.

Psalm 117:2

Let us thank the Lord, give Him thanks, in the morning let us sing Psalms to Him for His great faithfulness, because every day His faithfulness teaches us how great He is. Under the circumstances God is faithful, before the trials God fulfills, and with everything He remains faithful forever.

God does not lie because He is a God who keeps His word, above whatever His word stands straight and faithfulness accompanied by an attitude that does not exist in no one else.

God must be exalted, praise Him because He is good, because forever He will be faithful. Let’s not forget to come before Him and give thanks because He has been good and will remain faithful. His deeds are real and with His deeds we see His glorious manifestation. God reigns forever. Amen.

Praise God for his name alone is excellent
We will sing and praise Your might

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