We give praise to God because He is Holy

This article will be based on Psalm 99. This psalm highlights the holiness of God, shows us how holy God is and why we should worship or praise our God, and as we have said in many previous articles: “We have been created to worship the name of God”.

Possibly the most important question in all Christian life is: Why do we give praise to God? What is the central motive of that worship that we give to our God? There is a possibility that there are people who do not worship God for the right purpose, who do not worship God for what He really is, but for the benefits they may receive or simply because they are in a religious group and feel happy with the gathered there, but, beloved brothers, praising God for what He is is something different and sublime that every Christian should practice in his daily life.

Exalt ye the Lord our God, and worship at his footstool; for he is holy.

Psalm 99:5

The more we understand the holiness of God, the more adoration we will give to Him for who He is. God has many attributes, but the Bible places more emphasis on holiness. Remember that the only attribute of God in which the Bible uses an epithet is in the attribute of holiness, for example, when it says: Holy, holy, holy, and does it because God really is holy and that is why we should praise Him because He is holy .

Charles Spurgeon said:

“Holiness is the harmony of all the virtues. The Lord has not one glorious attribute alone, or in excess, but all glories are in him as a whole; this is the crown of his honour and the honour of his crown. His power is not his choicest jewel, nor his sovereignty, but his holiness”.

So, God is holy and we should praise Him for who He is, not for our own human interests. And let us know that the more we know of His holiness, the more we will praise Him from the heart.

We will sing and praise Your might
Worship God

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