Aline Barros will launch live webcast

Worship Life is a new program that will be broadcast live through the digital platform Fanplay. The project will feature music, interviews, curiosities among other types of content. Of the people who will be present in the first episode some are: Gabriela Rocha, Ton Carfi, Kemuel, Isadora Pompeo, Gabriel Guedes and Gabriela Gomes.

The main purpose of Worship Life is to bring hope, joy and faith to everyone who sees the program. Aline Barros says: “In a world with so much violence, so many bad news, so many false news, so much superficial content and no purpose dispersed there, our focus is to bring quality content through good music and stories of faith and hope. We believe that we can generate change in society, from the moment we bring a renewal to the heart of each person, through the love of God. And since we want to do something special, we call friends so that together we can reach millions of people online through their songs and testimonies”.

August 20 is the date on which the first episode of Worship Life will be broadcast and will be held in Rio de Janerio. They say they will bring something that has not yet been promoted to the Christian public.

It is expected that by the end of the year the project will have reached four other cities. It also promises to gather special participations that will surprise everyone. The mission of the project is what has moved so many people to embrace it. One of the fronts leads the campaign 1 + 1 – invite a non-Christian friend to see Worship Life. The idea is to reach the maximum number of people with the message that will be displayed.

In the promotional clip Aline Barros says: “In the month of August comes to Brazil and the world Worship Life, that same, a program made thinking of young people, in family, thinking of you in a special way we prepared that program. Worship Life has a different language, a very special language that I am sure will touch your heart … “

To enjoy the program you just have to register on the Fanplay platform and acquire your access.

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