Pastor advises Neymar: There are roads that lead to destruction

On Thursday, July 4, Neymar went with his family to a church service where they started.

During the service held at Peniel Baptist Church in São Vicente, Sao Paulo, Pastor Newton Lobato called Neymar’s family forward to pray for them. He started talking about the family’s journey and the promise that God made to Neymar when he was very young, that he would be taken to the big clubs of the world.

The pastor’s advice for Neymar is that in the middle of the whole journey of life, many young people are diverted to other paths that are not those that please God, these roads only lead them to destruction. Then they prayed for Neymar and his family:

“Let us pray for them, they should not be here, there are so many churches in the world, but they came to the place where they started. Here was his start, a modest start”.

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