Worshipers in the seats of the church

We all have a mandate to preach the gospel, but there is another mandate that we all also have: “Worship God.” He who does not fulfill the commandment to preach the gospel is certainly a fool, but he who does not fulfill the command to worship God simply needs to make an adjustment in his spiritual life.

There are countless verses in the Bible that command us to worship God. There is one of them that says:

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord!

Psalm 150:6

Everything that has breath has a mandate to worship the one true God, every living being has that command and we as Christians must understand that call in its fullness.

Are there dead people inside the church? Of course, yes, then, a person who is inside the church and does not express full worship to God is a Christian who urgently needs to understand his call.

Sometimes we think that at the time of service those in charge of worship are the worship group, and we get distracted by other things, and certainly this is a mistake in many churches, since both the worship group and the brothers who are in the seats have the responsibility to worship God.

The Bible tells us that God seeks true worshipers to worship him in spirit and truth, and a worshiper who worships in this way that God seeks, is a worshiper who maintains that sincere praise on his lips whether or not he is on a platform.

Brethren, let us adore the one true God in every place, at all times, let us perfume His throne with our praise, since this is simply an rehearsal for when we are worshiping Him for the eternity.

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