Tips for scheduling a rehearsal

Below we will show you some very useful tips when coordinating an essay with a group of musicians and singers. They are very simple things but many do not take them into account and the price to pay can be expensive, since what they could do in a couple of hours of rehearsal would become several days due to lack of coordination, as well as wasting a lot of time in the coordination itself.

1 – Schedule the rehearsal with time

It is not the same to tell a musician about a rehearsal a week before than a month before. If you notify them with very little time it is very likely that the musician has some others previous compromises. The worst of all is that it will be very difficult to coordinate a day in which everyone can attend, because the date is already very close and many of them have a tight agenda. Therefore, once you have the date of the event in hand, you must coordinate the dates of the rehearsals as soon as possible so that everyone can attend and everything goes well.

2 – Make a list of the songs and send them to all the musicians

Nor is it the same to arrive at a rehearsal and tell the musicians in the midst of the rehearsal “Do you know this song?”, “Look at the audio here so you can learn it”. That is a very big waste of time. All musicians must come to the rehearsal with their songs learned to just give a review and agree with any questions. For that reason, it is good that before the first rehearsal all the musicians are sent the list of the songs that are going to be sung with the name of the artists. If the scores and / or ciphers are availables, it is also good to send them. Then everyone practices the song individually at home and arrives at the rehearsal with their songs learned. This saves a lot of time learning the song in the midst of the rehearsal.

3 –┬áMusical demo for the own songs

In the case of the songs of a group or singer that does not have arrangements, in the group there must be a person in charge of making the arrangements and producing a sample musical track for the rehearsal. The demo, with a guiding voice is sent to the musicians, and these arrive at the rehearsal with an idea of what they are going to do to the song. Again, it is much more effective and it is a big saving of time to go prepared to a rehearsal than to go with nothing in mind.

4- Discipline

On the day of the rehearsal everyone has to be focused on what is going to be rehearsed. In many groups they begin to play other things and waste time. And when they start to rehearse the real songs that are going to be played in the event, time has gone and there is not time to rehearse well.

Another very important thing in the discipline of rehearsals is that when someone is talking to someone, it is in very bad taste that one or more musicians be playing their instruments. It has been seen cases where “what we are going to do in such a part of the song” is being coordinated and while it is being discussed there are one or several musicians playing and when it is played that part of the song they are lost.

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