Listen to the song “How great thou art” gospel jazz piano version

Our heart sings the song: “How great thou art, how great thou art, how great thou art.” We would lack text, time and space to proclaim His greatness, His virtues, His mercies and all the great attributes of our powerful God and Savior.

The song “How great thou art” tells us about the greatness of God and is an emblematic song that leads us to exalt the only true God, singing of His greatness and glorifying Him as Creator of the universe and everything that exists.

Today we want to share with you this beautiful Christian hymn in piano gospel jazz version, shared by the YouTube channel: “Esther lihj x edolcest sheets”. We hope that it is a great blessing to you and that you can share it with more people:

Escucha la canción Cuán grande es Él versión piano gospel jazz

This is how God was worshiped more than 30 years ago
Kid plays on violin "Holy, holy, holy"

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