Koreans play instrumental “How great thou art”

“Lord my God when I contemplate the heavens, the firmament and the thousand stars. When I hear Your voice in the powerful thunder and see the Sun shine at its zenith”, and we could say more things besides the lyrics of this song, that talk about the majesty of God, of His power and of His works, and yet we would fall short in saying “How great thou art.”

The Christian song “How Great thou art” is a classic, a hymn that has been sung to God for decades and given its content, we know it will continue to be that way for Christian churches. Today we want to share with you this beautiful hymn as an instrumental, hoping that it will be a great blessing and that you can share it with more people:

Coreanos tocan instrumental “Cuán grande es Él”

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Woman plays the song “You deserve the glory” on saxophone

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