Listen to this cover of the song “Blessed Assurance” on saxophone

“Let us sing glory to the Redeemer! Who wanted to die for us. May the holy grace of the Savior always direct our lives. In danger, in pain, at every step His protection instills calm, holy vigor, new breaths to the heart.” How beautiful it is to praise our Lord for the sweet comfort He has given us on the cross.

And yes, this is what the song Blessed Assurance tells us about, how our Redeemer wanted to die for us, sinners who did not deserve in the least any drop of His precious blood. But, thanks to that sacrifice today we can sing of how sweet His comfort is.

Today we want to share with you the song “Sweet consolation” in a saxophone solo by Jay Cyrus, hoping that it will be a great blessing and that you can share it with more people:

Blessed assurance sax cover

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