Listen to the song “Yes God is real” on organ

There are some things I may not know. There are some places Oh Lord, I cannot go. But I am sure Of this one thing: That God is real, For I can feel Him in my soul.” This is how the hymn “Yes God is Real” begins. I ask: How real is God to you?

Today we want to share with you this beautiful Christian hymn on organ. Do you know what an organ is as a musical instrument? This is basically a piano, except that it is wind and is made up of different tubes, which is where the sound is produced.  Below you can see it through Chris Chubb playing the hymn “Yes God is Real”:

Mi Dios es real en órgano

Listen to this cover of the song "Blessed Assurance" on saxophone
Woman plays the song "You deserve the glory Jesus" on saxophone

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