Listen to this 1938 version of the song “When the Saints go Marching in”

The famous Christian hymn “When the Saints Go marching in” had a great impact in the last century, not only in the church, but in an entire city. Even the well-known New Orleans sports team in the NFL is called “The Saints.” Its name was created under the inspiration of this song, but this anthem influenced more people in the city, since renowned singers of the time such as Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen recorded it.

It is important to know that the song has several versions, and the true impact was not caused by the original author, but by Louis Armstrong and his orchestra in 1938. He was not only responsible for putting this song on the map, but also jazz.

It should be noted that the music company for which Armstrong worked did not want him to record the song “When the saints go marching in.” However, one day in the recording studio, he just did it and according to a close friend, the melody was simply wonderful. Even so, they did not allow him to release the song, but when Armstrong separated from that production company and joined another, he was finally able to release it and it was a success.

So, today we want to share with you this beautiful version of the song “When the Saints go Marching in ” from 1938. It is important that you tell us in the comments how many versions of this beautiful song you have heard:

Cuando los santos marchen ya - Louis Armstrong - 1938

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