Listen to the song Emmanuel, God with us in Hebrew

“Emmanuel, God with us” is a beautiful Christian song that sings of God’s promises and urges us to rest in them. So, if you are only relying on your own strength today, we urge you to trust and embrace the promises that are written for you in God’s Word.

Lord, this is Your house, we enjoy You, we adore You, You are our promise, Your room is ready. Emmanuel, God with us, we worship You. Emmanuel, God with us, You are Holy.

He is Emmanuel, God with us, let us look to Him, let us trust Him. Jesus is powerful to keep us until the end and not only does this song tell us about this, but the entire Word of God tells us about how majestic God is and that He is with us until the end.

Below we share the song “Emmanuel, God with us” in the Hebrew language, hoping that it will be a great blessing to you. Remember that you support us when you share our articles on your social networks.

Emmanuel Dios con nosotros en hebreo

Woman plays the song "Our great Savior" on piano
Granny plays “Here I am to worship” on the piano

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