Indians sing Holy, holy, holy! God Almighty

“Holy, Holy, Holy, Almighty Lord, my lip will always give you Loores. Holy, Holy, Holy I adore you, reverent God in three persons, blessed Trinity.” These lyrics are from this beautiful Christian hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy” God Almighty, which exalts the holiness of God and highlights the Trinity.

Today we want to share with you this sublime anthem sung by a group of Indians, a video they shared on their YouTube channel “Neha”. These brothers are also dedicated to uploading covers of other Christian songs. So, we want you to delight in their voices listening to this hymn that without a doubt exalts God and we must also exalt Him, because we have been created to praise His Name:

Indios cantan ¡Santo, santo, santo!

Granny plays “Here I am to worship” on the piano
Young man with motor disability sings "Do it again"

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