Young man with motor disability sings “Do it again”

A young man with a motor disability has been sharing Christian songs and his testimony on social networks since the end of 2023, you can find him under the name Iceman Sings. It is impressive how a person with physical disabilities can perform and speak of the greatness of God when other people with all physical abilities look for the slightest excuse to work in the work of the Lord.

At the end of this article we share a video of Iceman Sings, from his YouTube channel, performing the beautiful song “You’ll Do It Again”, while he is in a wheelchair praising God with his voice. Videos like the one you will see are more than a motivation to know that regardless of our situation, we can serve God with something. This young man worships God from his wheelchair. Is there anything that limits you at this moment to exalt the name of the one who gave His life for us?

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