Listen to the musical notes found in the Old Testament

Michael David is a person who, together with his wife, supports the Messianic Jews and tries to restore some ancient objects, such as the harp, which we see in the Old Testament as one of the most predominant and important musical instruments in the worship service of the Lord.

According to the video we share with you created by the “History Makers TV” channel, the musical notes that you will hear Michael David play are the exact notes found in the Old Testament. Michael says that from the book of Genesis to Malachi we can find Hebrew characters that refer to these notes.

It will always be quite interesting to hear something that is close to the way it was played in ancient times in the Hebrew people. So, we hope that the following video will be of much blessing and edification for you:

Escucha las notas musicales encontradas en el Antiguo Testamento

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