Listen to the song “Good Good Father” on harp and guitar

Did you know that our heavenly Father is really good? Our father is so good that the Bible declares that there is only one good, and that is our father God. We also find that all humanity is under evil, however, in our good Father there is not a single drop of evil, not even the most insignificant spark, He is completely good.

There is a Christian song that tells us about this “Good Good Father”, and its chorus says: “You are a good, good father is who you are, is who you are, is who you are and I am loved by you. It is who I am, it is who “I am, it is who I am.” Yes, this is our heavenly Father, a good Father, a Father who loves us like no one else loves us, to the point that He gave up His only Son on the cross for sinners like us.

Today we want to share with you this beautiful song “Good Good Father” to the sound of the harp and guitar, shared by the YouTube channel “Harp for the Lord”. Hoping that it is a great blessing to you and that you can share it with more people:

Buen buen padre en arpa y guitarra

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