Listen to this cover of “Goodness of God” on piano

When you wake up each morning, have you taken at least a minute to meditate on all the goodness of God? Although certainly not a minute, nor an hour, nor years, would be enough to speak of all the goodness of our Lord, both done in our lives and in everything He has done.

There is a very popular song these days titled “Goodness of God” and part of its lyrics say: “In my life You have been good, in my life You have been so, so faithful. With my being with every breath, I will sing of the goodness of God.” And what God has done for us is so great that we must sing of His goodness every day.

We want to share this song “Goodness of God” with you in a cover version shared by Mark Madzinga, hoping that it will be a great blessing to you and that you will be able to share this post with more people:

Escucha este cover de «La bondad de Dios» en piano

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