Listen to the song “How great thou art” on pocket trumpet

“My heart sings the song, how great is He, how great thou art.” How can our heart not praise God with so many wonders that he has done for us? He has turned our heart of stone into one of flesh, into one that he can feel, he has changed our whole way of thinking, simply God has been good and for that we praise him.

Over the years the Christian song “How great thou art” has been performed by hundreds of singers, many instrumentals have also been recorded with different instruments, some not so common, as is the case today, where we share this beautiful song with a pocket trumpet.

A pocket trumpet is a type of trumpet from the brass-wind family, which produces its sound by vibrating the lips of its performer in the part called the mouthpiece:

Watch Jim Mar Cson shares the song “How great thou art” with a pocket trumpet instrumental below:

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