Listen to this beautiful Christian song in Arabic

We give glory to God for the fact that many other towns where Christianity does not have exponential growth, given that other religions prevail there, yet the gospel of Christ has reached some, well, God is powerful to save and transform whoever it is, no matter where it is from.

Today we want to share with you a beautiful Christian song called “Ha Hallelujah” in the Arabic language sung by a choir. The song praises the name of God again and again saying: “Oh God my heart praises you” “All the glory and honor is for you.”

We hope that this video is a great blessing for your life, highlighting the fact that we must give glory to God day after day for his wonders and exploits toward us:

Escucha esta hermosa canción cristiana en árabe

Because He Lives piano gospel version
Listen to an hour of Christian music on saxophone

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