Young Korean man performs the song “Where Jesus is, Tis heaven” on the piano

“Where Jesus is, Tis heaven” is an old Christian hymn with a very beautiful message, its author is Charles J. Butler, its original English title: “Where Jesus Is, Tis Heaven”. Without a doubt, a majestic song that sings about the triumph of Christ over our sins and the new life in Him.

“Oh hallelujah! Yes, it’s heaven, it’s heaven to know my sin is forgiven; on land or sea, what does it matter where? Where Jesus is, it’s heaven there.” Thus proclaims part of the lyrics of this hymn. Let’s think for a moment about how great it has been to know that there is someone who has forgiven our sins even when we deserved hell, isn’t this heaven?

This hymn has been interpreted in different languages by many people, however, today we want to share a relaxing instrumental by a young Korean named Yoham Kim, who is dedicated to uploading several instrumental covers on YouTube. We hope that the following instrumental of the song “Where Jesus is, Tis heaven” will be of great blessing to you:

Donde está Jesús, es el cielo instrumental piano

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