Listen to the song “Amazing Grace” on octobass

“Amazing grace of the Lord, who saved an unfortunate man, I was blind but today I see, lost He found me.” Thus begins this valuable hymn “Amazing Grace”, one of the best-known hymns among Christians, used in films and translated into various languages. Glory to God because through this hymn we can sing of the undeserved grace that God has had for us.

Today we want to share with you this beautiful hymn with an instrumental of an instrument not as common as the piano or guitar. This is the octobass, a musical instrument that was invented at the end of 1849 by the Frenchman Jean Baptiste Vuillaume. This fairly large instrument produces the lowest musical sounds in the entire spectrum audible to a human next to the eight-octave piano. This gigantic instrument measures about 3.75 meters and is one of the tallest.

Below we share the hymn “Amazing grace” in an instrumental with an octabass, hoping that it will be a great blessing to you and that you can support us by sharing this article with more people:

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