An hour of praise on guitar

There are things that are vital in the devotional life of a believer in Jesus Christ, such as prayer and reading the Word, they are practices that lead us to do the will of God, as long as it is practiced in the correct way. On the other hand we have one that we will practice for an eternity, which is to praise the Lord our God.

Praise is extremely important in the life of a believer, since the Bible from beginning to end tells us about its importance. The apostle James declares: “Is anyone among you afflicted? Let him pray. Is anyone happy? Sing praises.”

Today we want to share with you approximately one hour of praise in guitar instrumentals. We would like you to leave us in the comments if you were able to recognize some of those songs. We also ask that you share this article with more people:

Una hora de alabanzas en guitarra

Listen to the song "Amazing Grace" on octobass
Listen to “To God be the glory” and other hymns on the harp

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