Listen to “To God be the glory” and other hymns on the harp

There are many Christian hymns that have transcended time, which are one of those hymns that we all remember even just hearing a melody. Today we want to share some of those hymns played on the harp.

The Bible tells us many times about the harp, remember when David played the harp to ease King Saul’s fears? The harp is a very old musical instrument and it also has a beautiful sound transmitted by its strings.

The songs that you will listen to next with the harp are well-known hymns, such as: “To God be the glory”, “Near the cross”, “Tell me the story of Jesus”, among others. We hope it will be a blessing to you and that you tell us in the comments which of these hymns you have heard.

A Dios sea la gloria y otros himnos en arpa

An hour of praise on guitar
Listen to the song “Goodness of God” on acoustic guitar

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