Origin of the song “God is here”

“God is here” is an iconic Christian song that tells us about a God who is present in all things, a God who is as real as the sun that rises or the air we breathe.

Its writer, Javier García, talks about its origin, explaining that he wrote the song for a festival that was held in Spain. He explains that the song was recorded in a humble way with the few resources they had and the audio of it sounds terrible.

Javier did not think that a song that he simply wrote for a festival, where friends and family gathered, could have such an impact around the world. And as he himself explains, that today this song is sung by millions of people, and that he feels happy that the feeling that he explains in the song can be expressed throughout the world.

“God is here” is a simple song, a universal sentiment of every Christian, a direct declaration of the existence of the Lord. This song today is like a national anthem of the Christian church, and like many other successes in different areas, this is one of those that the author did not expect such great success. We give glory to God for glorifying himself in small things, in those things from which we do not expect much.

Historia de la canción Dios está aquí

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