Listen to the song “Oh what a friend Christ is to us” in Japanese

Oh dear believer, did you know that Christ is our faithful friend? When we are bitter, in trials and afflictions, we don’t have to run around looking for just anyone, because we have a friend, and not an imaginary one, but a real one, who can answer our prayers.

“In His affectionate arms, your heart will have peace” says a verse from the song “Oh what a friend Christ is to us”, a song that tells us that Christ is our eternal friend to whom we can always turn, who always has time for us, He is such a loyal and detailed friend, that He has all our hair counted.

Below we share this beautiful song in the Japanese language, hoping that it will be a great blessing to you. And remember, Christ is our faithful friend, our Savior and Redeemer. In Him we have salvation, for which we are not alone, but that friend has promised to be with us until the end:

Escucha la canción “Oh qué amigo nos es Cristo” en japonés

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