Listen to the song “Because He Lives” on harp

The most revealing and important news in the entire existence of humanity is that Jesus gave himself up for us on the cross of Calvary for the forgiveness of our sins and salvation. Christ rose on the third day, rose from the dead and that is why we live today and will reign tomorrow.

“Because He Lives” is a beautiful Christian song that tells us about this, about how the death and resurrection of Christ has given us life and an assurance that one day we will be together with Him in the kingdom of heaven. Part of this beautiful song says: Because He lives, I will triumph tomorrow, because He lives, there is no more fear, because I know that the future is His, life is worth more and more just because of Him.

Today we want to share this beautiful song with an instrument that is widely mentioned in the Bible, which is the harp. So, surely you will love listening to “because He lives” on the harp, shared by the Narcizo Da Harpa Oficial YouTube channel. To listen to it, click on this link.

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