This is how you should use the MICROWAVE so that it does not harm your HEALTH

How can we use the microwave oven in a way that does not affect our health? It is said that the incorrect use of this device can cause sterility in men and cataracts. But don’t worry, below we will give you some tips to use it in a way that does not harm your health.

Take into account the time you give each food in the microwave, also that there are plastics that are not recommended for it, which can contaminate your food by releasing harmful particles from plastic containers not recommended for the microwave.

These are the considerations to take into account for the correct use of the microwave oven:

  1. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on safety precautions and use.
  2. Do not use the oven if its door cannot close, is bent or has some other imperfection that prevents it from closing perfectly.
  3. Do not allow children to use the microwave.
  4. Do not allow anyone to face the microwave while it is in use.
  5. Use only containers that indicate they can be used in a microwave.
  6. Do not use containers that come with food delivery.
You can find one of these symbols on microwave-safe containers.
You can find one of these symbols on microwave-safe containers.

These are just some recommendations for the correct use of the microwave, since a large part of the population uses it. Tell us in the comments if you follow all these recommendations and if you have any other, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments and help us share this article with more people.

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