New video game claims to help young people “experience Jesus”

Gate Zero is a new video game created by Arve Solli that seeks to enable young people who have strayed from the faith to recommit themselves to Jesus with the interactions that appear in it. Arve believes that the Bible is a very powerful tool that can transform lives and that is why the Word of God is his main focus in this video game to make young people more interested in Jesus.

What motivated Arve to create this video game is that according to the Barna Group, 41 percent of teenagers never use a Bible and only 20 percent read it weekly. So, they will bring the Bible to young people through this video game.

The game is set in the year 2072, where players are sent on a mission through time to solve different mysteries.

As of this writing, Gate Zero only allows you to download a twenty-minute demo version on Steam. The full version will be released in 2024 and will include 30 gospel stories.

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