Reportedly Barbie movie promotes g@y stories

We recently saw the famous movie “Mario Bros” in theaters, which did not include anything related to the alphabet community or diversity, and despite that it was a success, but of course, the aforementioned community felt offended because their agenda did not was included in this film. But now they can feel victorious, because the new Barbie movie is about them.

It is not to hide that the community of the alphabet has been greatly benefited and large companies such as Disney or Hollywood have rewarded them to the point of including them in children’s series or movies of a famous doll like Barbie that surely millions of girls around the world have the curiosity of going to see it, and that is where the tremendous strategy of promoting that agenda begins, with a character known to all.

The Movieguide organization is in charge of the selection of films for families in the United States, and has warned parents not to take their children to see it, since they say that this film is based on stories of l3sbi@nism, bis3xu@l1ty, g@ys and tr@nsg3nd3r.

Greta Gerwing, who is the director of the company, had already said that this film could not be told without presenting stories that have to do with the that community.

Fathers and mothers, it is our duty to take care of our children, it is our duty to take care of their food, yes, mostly the food that enters their minds, and the world does not want to give them a healthy one, therefore, it is our duty to lead them through the right way, the only right way, which is the way of the Lord. So, we invite you not to take your children to see this movie this July 20, not on that day and not EVER.

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