Marcos Brunet returns to social networks after more than a year

More than a year ago, the renowned Christian singer Marcos Brunet, known for interpreting the famous song “To the one who is sitting on the throne” (Original title: Al que está sentado en el trono) together with its author Lucas Conslie said that God had told him to stay away from social networks, but He did not immediately agreed to the call and had to suffer the consequences, as the artist explained.

After this Brunet decided to withdraw entirely from social networks, explaining that he did not mind losing followers during that time but in exchange he was going to gain disciples. At that time he also expressed:

I am willing to lose popularity, to gain more intimacy. I am willing to lose opportunity for resources, to gain eternal treasures.

Recently, after a year and five months of leaving social networks, Marcos Brunet published on his social networks the announcement of his return to social networks. He expressed that he has returned to be able to connect with more people and to be able to share the gospel with his followers.

He spoke of inaugurating a new time, which he called “table time”, a space in which he will be talking about different biblical topics, he even began quickly by sharing a podcast of approximately one hour in which he talks about the topic “staying in the tests” next to Fer.

Many users were very enthusiastic, expressing gratitude for the return of the artist to social networks. Without a doubt, it was a shower of good comments, of joy, all expressing that they have listened to her songs for a long time and that at some point they have also had to flee from social networks.

Tell us in the comments if you have also had to leave social networks at some point in your life in order to have a closer spiritual relationship with our Lord.

Marcos Brunet regresa a las redes sociales después de un año 2

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