Check out this pianist playing “There is an anointing here” on the piano with his hands upside down

Pablo Jesús Asencio is a young Dominican known as “The Incredible Pianist” or “Gerlin the pianist”. He has stood out in the world of music thanks to his ability to play the piano with his hands upside down, which has made international media such as “Al Rojo Vivo” want to know more about his brilliant story.

The young man told to Al Rojo Vivo that it all started when a friend lent him a book, and when he saw a hand drawn, he stared at the hand drawn there and the idea came to him that he had never seen anyone play with their hands backwards. In addition, Pablo narrates that despite the few resources this has not been an obstacle to advancing in his dreams.

Our society has many bright young people like Pablo, who are extremely talented and just need to be supported by our society, so we share a video of him playing the song “there is an anointing here with your hands upside down”. After watching the video, don’t forget to leave a like, a comment, and subscribe to his channel:

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