Cardi B raises her hands for Jesus while listening to a Christian version of her song Money

The song “Money” by the renowned singer Cardi B has been covered to Christianity for the Christian film “Praise this”, which is about Chloe Bailey (Sam), who is an aspiring musical superstar and will do whatever it takes to fulfill her goals.

Cardi B is known for writing songs that do not necessarily represent the values of Christianity, and precisely her song “Money” is very bawdy and has even been called blasphemous, due to the fact that the song exalts money as if it were a god.

The Christian version titled “Praise this” replaces the controversial money-exalting lines of the original with “When things go wrong, my God is so real. I praise his name like no one, it’s real” and “I was born to praise”. The well-known singer, listening to her Christian version of her song, is seen in a video raising her hands to the sound of the Christian song.

Gospel singer Koryn Hawthorne, who performs the song “Praise This,” said she could see Cardi B “feeling the Spirit” as she raised her hands and sang to the music. Below we leave you the video where Cardi B is seen praising the song, leave us a comment about it:

Cardi B levanta sus manos para Jesús al escuchar versión cristiana de su canción Money

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