Students allegedly see the devil after playing a game

In Baní, the head municipality of the Peravia province in the Dominican Republic, something unusual has happened, and is that at the Ernesto González Lachapell school, six students had to be hospitalized for nervous breakdowns caused by supposedly having seen the devil. This event occurred on February 16, 2023.

According to reports, these students had to be medicated to lower the levels of anxiety and nervousness they showed. The educational center reported that they performed a series of prayers to ward off any evil spirit.

Apparently all this is the product of a famous strange game on the part of the students in the different educational centers, since the same event occurred again in another Basic School, in a town called La Altagracia, where some 25 students fainted, hallucinated and had shortness of breath after participating in this game. Such students also had to receive medical help.

The truth is, the game in which they are involved that causes them to have these types of hallucinations is very strange. For the moment, the public ministry has not offered any response to this situation.

Estudiantes supuestamente ven al diablo luego de jugar un juego

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