Do you suffer from depression? Worship!

Worship is a very important part in the life of the church of Christ, even the Bible declares that we have been created for the praise of His glory. The entire Bible tells us about worship and how it works even for the dark moments we are going through.

What do you do when you are involved in emotional problems? The Apostle James says that if some of us are afflicted, they should pray. There is no person on earth who does not go through emotional problems, the point is how we take it when we are involved in it.

Pastor Louie Giglio, of a church in Atlanta called Passion City, shared his experiences with depression. The pastor declared that playing Christian praises has been a forte to escape from the darkness and fight the depression that is caused by the disease.

The pastor urges those people who are going through a very strong moment in their lives, to play the music of heaven and put their hopes only in Christ Jesus. He ended by saying that Jesus is the only antidepressant, and that our walk on earth is only the beginning of a lifetime that we will last praising God in heaven.

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An eternal song

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