Listen to Psalm 150 sung in Hebrew

Psalm 150 is one of the most beautiful Psalms in the Bible, due to the arduous approach that its author gives to praise God. We also see how he expresses the different ways in which we can worship our God, and concludes by saying that everything that breathes must praise God.

Worship should be the engine of the church of Christ, we have been called to worship on earth, and this is only the rehearsal of what we will last an eternity rendering glory and honor to Almighty God.

On this occasion we present you Psalm 150 sung in the Hebrew language. The authors are the group “One for Israel Ministry”, who praise God to the sound of Psalm 150 with various musical instruments such as drums, guitar or piano. We hope this video will be of great blessing to you:

Salmo 150 cantado en hebreo

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