This church has been worshiping God without stopping for almost two weeks

On February 8, in the Hughes Auditorium of Asbury College, a small Christian university in Wilmore, Kentucky, a normal service was being held, but something curious happened: at the end of the service, a gospel choir sang and some students stayed, and until the Today, after almost two weeks, people have joined from all over proclaiming what many call a “new revival” in Asbury.

Leaving aside whether this is a “new revival” and whether revivals are biblical or not, we cannot deny that what is happening in Asbury is shocking. The population of the city where the university is located is six thousand people, when between 15 thousand and 20 thousand people attended services last weekend. As you can imagine, worship services expanded to five buildings.

These meetings have gone viral on the internet, specifically on the Tiktok social network, where it accumulates millions of visits. In such videos we can see people with their hands raised swaying to the beat of the music as they worship the Lord; they appear crying, repenting of their sins and giving testimonies.

This has gotten to such a point Asbury ended the public worship service on Monday, February 20 at 2:00 PM and made some changes, among which they said that starting Tuesday, February 21, the services would be for 25-year-old and under university students and worship services for the general public would be moved to another location outside of central Kentucky (they haven’t announced where that will be yet).

What do you think of this move and Asbury University’s decision?

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