They no longer find what to invent! New artificial intelligence tries to simulate conversations with God

Artificial intelligence (abbreviated AI) is a reality and is already part of our lives, because in recent days there has been a lot of talk about ChatGPT, which, despite being aligned with the woke ideology, has proven to be useful for professionals from different areas perform their tasks faster and more efficiently.

There are many apps and services that use artificial intelligence, for example, the famous algorithms used by YouTube and Google use neural networks that supposedly learn what the user needs and base their recommendations and search results on that. There are music apps that use artificial intelligence to separate instruments and voices. This article would be very long if we keep mentioning so many applications where AI is currently being used.

But the curiosity of the human being seems to have no limits, since they have created an AI called God in a Box that uses ChatGPT to supposedly emulate a conversation with God using WhatsApp. Here’s how it works: On the God in a Box website, you sign in with your Google account, register your phone number, verify your number through a message sent to you, then click a link sent to you by ChatGPT on WhatsApp in order to finalize your profile and from there you can chat with the AI that will pretend to be “God”.


God in a Box allows ten messages a month for free. For unlimited messages they charge nine dollars a month. To prevent abuse, there is another limit of one message every ten seconds. They say that the messages are not saved on their servers to protect your privacy.

The God in a Box website does not mention anything about the supported languages, but since it is based on ChatGPT, it is very likely that God in a Box understands English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, among others.

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