Christian song “My Jesus” makes a woman desist from taking her own life

Anne Wilson testified how a listener desisted from su1c1d3 after hearing her song “My Jesus”. The impact of the song was so great that she decided to seek help instead of ending her life.

“My Jesus” is a song that was written after the death of his older brother Jacob in a car accident. It has already won important awards and has been on the list of most listened to songs. Wilson commented:

There’s a lady who came to me on the show the other week, she was battling cancer and she lost all her hair… She said she was ready to end her life.

But she was in the car and heard My Jesus on the radio, and she decided to give her life to Jesus and put those thoughts aside. And she now lives free in Jesus, still battling cancer, but she knows that she has a purpose and a reason for being here.

Anne took advantage of that moment to talk about the impact that music can have on a person’s life:

There is so much power in music, especially music that glorifies Jesus. So just thinking back to when I wrote this song, and now seeing how many lives it has impacted, it’s an honor and I’m so grateful.

Like the listener, the singer expressed that she had also gone through a process of depression after the death of her brother, so she wrote a book about the whole process.

I wanted to share the story moment by moment, page by page, chapter by chapter to share with people what God has done in my life and how he has brought me to where I am today so that I can act and sing about my Jesus… Our testimonies are very important.

Anne Wilson - My Jesus

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