Listen to the song “Oceans” in Korean

“Oceans” is a beautiful Christian song by the group Hillsong. It is an incredible composition, since it symbolically refers to the ocean of God’s love, in which we can rest, knowing that we belong to him until the end.

This song also tells us about God’s guidance in the life of a Christian, and that guidance leads us to solid ground, where we can be confident. God takes us to that place where no one else can take us, and it is beautiful to know that we are not alone and that we can rest in the power of God.

Oh beloved brothers, as the song says: “I am yours, until the end”. Join us below to listen to this incredible song in the Korean language, hoping that it will be a blessing to you and giving thanks to God that songs like these can reach other languages:Océanos en coreano

Do not forget to tell us in the comments what do you thing about this version of this song.

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