You won’t be able to resist listening to this cute five-year-old girl singing “everything will be alright”

“Everything will be alright” is a Christian song by singer Evan Craft, and as its title says, it tells us about how God rules everything, therefore, the world is in his careful hands, which gives us the assurance that all will be well no matter the adversity.

We love sharing those participations where the little ones bring out their talent, and this is the case of a five-year-old girl named Elizabeth, who sings “Everything will be alright” in a very tender way and with an incredible voice.

So, we leave you this cover of Elizabeth and join us to sing that everything will be alright because the Creator of the universe has defeated evil. We hope this cover will be a great blessing to you. Tell us in the comments what you think:

Niña de cinco años canta todo va a estar bien

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